Wednesday, 4 April 2012

March favorites

I've been a bit lax with this new blog but heres the first of a couple of round up posts to cover march and get April off to a start.

Clockwise - Maybelline Mineral power concealer,
Herbal essences dazzling shine 'light reflecting intensive' mask,
Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in '07 Genius',
Nars Deep Throat blush,
Topshop cream blush in Head over heels.

I like the Maybelline concealer so much because it drys quickly to a power non-cakey finish and it lasts ages, even on my combinations skin. Its lightweight enough to be used on undereyes as well as blemishes (I also use it to cover up a few freckles I dislike as well).

I have oily roots and dry split ends basically my hair is as combination as my skin, ie. very combination and annoying as heck,  so when I saw this in Boots I was tempted and got this as well as their Fresh Balance shampoo.
It really makes me hair soft and shiny without making it greasy. Full review to follow me thinks.

Top - Nars Deep Throat
Bottom - Topshop Head over heels

I think Deep Throat is my favorite, yes I know how that sounds, its just a lovely apricot with a golden shimmer and everything I hoped Orgasm would be.
Head over heels is lovely, its a coral-orange sort of colour. It looks so natural on me, and with no shimmer it drys to a lovely satin-matt finish.

Chanel Rouge Allure - 07/Genius

I love this colour. I'd been hunting a lovely natural looking lipstick with orange in it.
A lovely Chanel guy (House of Fraser, Reading) passed the tester to me, because I was too short to reach, then had a quick look through some other oranges for me before i had decided this was the one.
Its my first Chanel lipstick, my second Chanel product over all, and i'm in love.

So those are my favorite products this month, what have you been loving?

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  1. great post! I just found your blog and love it!! Hope you are having a beautiful day!! <3