Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BB cream sample reviews - L'oreal

Over the last few weeks i've received samples of three different BB creams (via the brands facebook pages or L'oreal Insider which also has UK only money off vouchers like £2 off any of their products).
L'oreal sent one of each of their creams and Maybelline sent three of the same one which for me makes Maybelline the best sample wise though all the samples were in shade 'Light' which while good for my skin tone isn't going to be good for everyone - maybe NC25 or lighter would be okay.

I knew I was going to have to dismiss the L'oreal ones right away because of the shades they sent out;

Medium and Pure Beige... not a good start.

Sorry about my lack of other makeup.
One side of my face has one and the other on the opposite side.

From this photograph its not too bad colour wise but that's just fairly bright natural lighting and a decent camera setting.

L'oreal Nude Magique in Medium.
(I wrote the letters, in UD Perversion eyeliner, to remind myself)

Its claims to give;
Flawless looking coverage
Perfectly even looking skin texture
Fresh dewy look

The reviews basic because I can't wear these for long, wrong foundation isn't a good look.
Coverage - poor. Freckles, dark pigmentation and blemishes aren't covered.
Skin texture - Uneven. Pores improved very slightly.
Dewy? - No,  greasy.

 L'Oreal Lumi Magique in Pure Beige.
(I'm not sure if this is a BB cream but the L'Oreal samples came together)

Coverage - Some freckles covered but this could just be due to them being similar colours. Skin texture - Pores enhanced not covered. Breathing and hydration - This one feels much lighter than the other but to the touch its even more oily.

This is the Lumi version, to give you an idea of how beige these both are,
I know i'm naturally pale (NC15) and I don't really tan at all but these are bit dark. 
Did they send different colours to different people and I was just unlucky (?) because it seems to be that pretty much every sample sent out or in magazines are beige. 
Maybe its just me and this of sort Beige in the most common foundation tone brought in the UK but this just seems so silly.

Rant over and to end the post, a picture of my blue dip blue for anyone whose interested.
Its a slightly faded Sky blue by Crazy colour and the Brown in shade 5 by garnier nutrisse.

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