Friday, 4 May 2012

Dupe - OCC Grandma Vs. MAC Vegas Volt

I love dupes for products, even more so when the dupe is much cheaper, not such a lover of them when I'm the one whose brought a dupe without knowing its a dupe.

Left - OCC liptar in Grandma
Right - MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt
(natural light)

OCC Grandma - MAC Vegas Volt

I took these photographs yesterday and when I came to labeling them tonight I had to study them close to work out which was which.

There is no difference between the two, both are bright and bold peach/orange.
The OCC liptar lasts much longer, about 4 hours if undisturbed, where as the MAC lasts 2-3 hours if undisturbed.
The MAC as the typical marshmellow smell and the OCC has their peppermint oil smell, neither are noticeable once their on.
I can also see the liptar lasting much longer with .33 onces against MAC's 0.1 onces, more than three times the product and you really only need a small amount of the liptar.

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