Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ignore this

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Too obsessed?

Today wasn't a proud day for me. Not only did my plans for Saturday get cancelled, resulting in my downing my emotion in Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but I spent 20 minutes stalking and constantly refreshing the MAC website waiting for the RiRi loves summer collection to go live then waiting for the stock check or whatever that waiting page was for.

What I ordered, I seem to be one of few who managed to get Heaux.

I really don't know why though! I don't like 'RiRi' and the colours aren't exactly unique.
The only reason I can think of is that I knew there were MAC lipsticks coming out, their lipsticks are my downfall. I love them so much. I managed to resist one of them, RiRi boy, but I did order the lustre drops and the quad to move some of my current eyeshadows into for my holiday (they're the only holiday makeup bits i'm buying). 

I'm justifying the purchase of these with the fact that I've sold five of my blushes on Ebay in the last two weeks, selling five things to replace them with three is fine right? I mean it is less over all and the lustre drops don't take up much space.
But ultimately what today means is that this launch was the first big event of my summer, which leads me to wonder - How obsessed is too obsessed?

Clearly spending a good 20-30 minutes watching a website isn't normal for most people but that's what we do when we're passionate about some thing, isn't it? People camp out in the freezing rain for book releases, film premiers and hell even a new mobile phone despite having one that works perfectly fine and is a model some people would kill for.

Why? Frankly the only sensible answer is because we're crazy. There is no other real reason just pure insanity, it's the same reason I own 8 different shades of purple nail varnish and half a dozen body butters that I never use. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to watching my Johnathan Creek boxset and eating my next doughnut.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Royal Blue

Ladies and Gentlemen (I'm guessing mostly ladies), let me ask you a question - can you be physically attracted to a colour?

I ask this because I think I am. Royal Blue and I are in love, I'm sorry we just can't fight it anymore.

(Shirt H+M)

Everything I'm lusting after lately seems to be this lovely, bold saturated blue. The blouse pictured above was the start of this for me I think, I blame the blouse. I'm trying to find another online as a spare but I'm not succeeding  writing that sentence inspired me to take another look around and I found one on ebay (it's a size bigger but it'll do!). This obsession has spilled out into everything else, nail varnish, eyeshadow and even wanting to dye my hair again (despite promising myself I'll grow it out naturally and won't dye it again at least until next yet).

Gelly Nail Effects - Blue Grape
Meet Barry M's Gelly nail varnish in Blue Grape.

I'm currently loving this nail varnish, even if it chipped in 24 hours (every nail varnish does on me, it's inevitable).

Dulux Feature Wall Sapphire Salute 1.25
Would painting my bedroom be a step to far?

Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer 2013 - Note #1

I'd like to introduce you to a friend I've been working on for the last few weeks.

This is my Ideas Jar.

I've filled it with little tied up notes that each have an idea on, the plan is to open one or two at a time and complete them through the summer.

The ideas are colour coded. Yellow are projects, blue are wishlists and pink are travel related. I'll give you a few examples of these;
Yellow - Recover my headboard with new material
Yellow - Spend a weekend watching every Big Bang Theory Episode
Blue - Buy a new camera (I now have to do this anyway)
Blue - Buy Benefits Peek-a-bright eyes set
Pink  - Visit Bath and the thermal spring
Pink - Drive up a motorway and get off at a random exit, unplanned roadtrip

This way I can know the type of the thing i'm after, there's no point in looking for a shopping high if you're opening a travel one.

Today I had all my coursework signed off and I'm officially done with my course, my summer has started. As you can see from the picture above I've just picked out my first 'Idea'.
'Pretty up my jars'

As you can see, I'm not making the most of my sweet shop jars (Ignore Corey Taylor there in the background). My Idea note also has a few suggestions I thought up at the time, sweets, pretty paper and some products like my eyelash jar.

I'll be working on this tomorrow and Wednesday then Thursday I'm camera shopping.

I plan to empty this jar by the end of summer. I think this is a great way to spend my free time in the summer,  I also plan to look for a job though it could mean waiting until people start interviewing Christmas staff. I don't like looking back at a holiday or half term and regretting not doing anything and having nothing to show for my free time.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

LOTD - Chanel

Today my lipstick of choice is a colour I overlook a lot, it's pretty but it doesn't really stand out colour wise.

Meet the lovely Chanel Rouge Allure in 07 Genius.

Chanel 07 Genius

I might be wrong but I think the range of shades this is part of has been discontinued, I've had it nearly a year.

It's almost my go to ego boost when I need it. I wore it the first time I took my driving theory test and when I retook my English GCSE (I failed that driving test but got a C in my English which means I don't have to study it again).

I'm surely not the only person who has a confidence lipcolour/ For most people I'd guess it's more of a bold red or purple. If everyones looking at your lipstick then no ones noticing your nearly having a panic attack, right?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rome - travel planning (rambling and word heavy)

In Just over a month I will be headed to Italy, with my dearest mother, for a holiday with sun and beautiful places.

(The Trevi fountain, Rome)

This trip has been planned since early December so I've had plenty of time to practice packing, decide what clothing I'm going to bring and debate what makeup try to fit into my suitcase and hand luggage.
It will be the first time I've left England in nearly five years and since I'm planning to study travel and tourism in September it's probably about time I actually traveled. 
We're taking a tour that visits Pompei, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius, Montecassino, Rome, Florence, Assisi and Orvieto so around the west of Italy.

(Florence skyline)

Having purchased an Italian phrasebook and guide books to Florence and Rome (the cities we have exploring time in) the minute we booked plus EHIC cards and passports ready to go, I've got the basics done and all I've had to do is worry over which eyeshadow(s) to take as well as if I'll wear jeans while I'm there or stick to dresses. The little things have been getting to me. For example I've been desperately searching for a reasonably priced pair of nice looking ankle boots with a low heel (they all seem to be either awful or  around £80).
I've already brought my trasparent SPF30, half a dozen dresses, a reading book and anti-bac wipes for surfaces and hands (among other purchases).

I've been debating shelling out for a new camera but stories of pickpockets have been putting me off and i'm worried about losing a shiny new Samsung NX300 somewhere I can't find it but I know I want one and it seems pointless waiting until after I'm where I'll get the best pictures. I do however have a digital Polaroid and 100 film sheets i've yet to use, Polaroids of Pompeii could be fun... I've had a lot of time to think about this yet I'm no nearer to deciding.

(My old MAC quad, Interior life)

Having mentioned eyeshadow, I'm planning to buy a MAC quad with a new Patina to christen it and then move in three of my current MAC eyeshadows to avoid carrying around a 15 palette or a pigment to spill. This might seem excessive for once trip but I plan to travel quite a bit so no doubt I'll use it a lot. I barely used my Interior life quad, having picked it up on a whim from an outlet, so I've sold it on ebay (along with two blushes) and can justify filling the gap in my collection. Who pays £20 for a used blush worth £21.50 new is beyond me but it works out well for me so I won't complain.

This post has become rather rambling so I'll bring it to a rather poorly paced end with a question; What are your travel tips?

Simply Italy - Amalfi Coast
(Amalfi coast, Italy)

All images taken from Google, apart from my MAC Quad.