101 things

My 1001 things in 101 days project
(April 06 '12 - January 02 '16)

This my 1001 things project, I considered starting one on January 1st (2013) but things were just too up in the air, I had no idea if I was doing another college course or finding a full time job. However now I'll be doing a 2 year level 3 Travel and tourism course which means for the next 2 years I actually know what I'm doing with my life and can therefore layout plans and stick to them.

Some are school and work related, some are makeup related and a few are more travel related where as a few a just for fun.

I've left some at the end for things and projects that come up during this time.

Black means yet to be done. Blue means in progress. Green means done.

1 Write a list of 5 of my faults and improve each of them 

2 Get a travel/tourism related job 

3 Take 101 good Polaroid pictures 

4 Raise £250 towards travel fund by selling unloved possessions 

5 Go to wherever is on a random page of a random Traveller issue 

6 Finish 1st year of travel and tourism without being behind on coursework 

7 Finish 1st year travel and tourism with at least 95% attendance 

8 Finish 2nd year travel and tourism with at least 90% attendance 

9 Have a completely vegetarian week (Mon-Sunday) 

10 Try every Krispy Kreme doughnut flavour 

11 Read and understand a book in French with at least 100 pages 

12 Attend a Christmas market in Germany or Austria 

13 See the basilica of St. Peter 

14 Own a Polaroid camera 

15 Get my first job 

16 Get my driving license 

17 Pass my level 2 Hair and media makeup course 

18 Save £5000 travelling money 

19 Get a tattoo 

20 Visit Italy 

21 Visit Pompeii ITALY 

22 Visit Germany 

23 Visit Russia 

24 Spend new years eve in Edinburgh 

25 Go on a sleeper train 

26 Spontaneousley get on a plane to somewhere 

27 Drive an unplanned road trip 

28 Spend a weekend in a luxury hotel 

29 Fly first class 

30 Photograph a Mediterranean sunrise/sunset 

31 Watch every Hitchcock film 

32 Own something designer 

33 Wear a dress everyday for a fortnight 

34 Photograph ruins 

35 Try scallops 

36 Grow out my hair dye and be natural again 

37 Try scotch 

38 Measure my height on the 5th of each month for a year 

39 Watch every Tim Burton film 

40 Go to a midnight movie screening 

41 Clean out my wardrobe 

42 Learn to make a chocolate torte 

43 Explore a new town/city 

44 Find my perfect mascara 

45 Stroke an otter 

46 Save my change in a jar and donate the contents to charity once it's full 

47 Get a massage 

48 Do 3 50 day challenges to save up money 

49 Learn calligraphy 

50 Do my level 2 hair and media makeup work experience 

51 Go to the cinema 25 times 

52 Have a Shallac/gel manicure done 

53 Donate 51 items to charity 

54 Buy my perfect everyday necklace 

55 Be in the audience of a tv recording 

56 Make my own scones 

57 Repaint my purple bedroom wall 

58 Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over 

59 Write a list of 50 things that make me happy 

60 Capsule my make up collection size to under 25 items 

61 Write a list of 50 places I would like to visit in my lifetime 

62 Fill a jar with ideas for the summer, projects, wishlists and travel plans 

63 Create a budget and stick to it for 3 months 

64 Take one picture every day for a month 

65 Learn 10 useful phrases in Spanish 

66 Keep a dream journal 

67 Read and understand a book with over 100 pages in German 

68 Read and understand a book with over 100 pages in Italian 

69 Visit 5 UNESCO sites 

70 Get a distinction grade in a college unit 

71 Write a list of 20 places in England I want to visit 

72 Write an outlined plan for big events in the 1001 days 

73 Genuinely finish a Mac lipstick 

74 Learn 10 useful Italian phrases before I go on holiday

75 To be continued....

My 101 things in 1001 days list is mostly run on the proper day zero website.
It's a neatly run and easy to use site, I think its easier to keep the list update than it is on here.

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