Monday, 7 May 2012

Favorite lipstick post turned dupe?

This post was originally going to be about my three most used lipsticks but when swatching I noticed two of them are almost the same.

Left to right; 
Guerlain KissKiss Strass in 362- Corail Dentelle, Chanel Rouge Allure in 07 - Genius
and Revlon lipbutter in Peach parfait.

How similar do Corail Dentelle and Peach parfait look?

Top - Peach Parfait
Bottom - Corail Dentelle 

The texture, shimmer/glitter and how long they last are fairly similar ( both last about an hour and a bit).
But swatched heavily you can see Coral Dentelle is much more red while Peach Parfait is more brown.

Peach Parfait

Coral Dentelle

Once you put them on their actually as similar as when sheer swatched, unless of course you really layer them both on.
Both are really lovely and the main difference is price, Peach Parfait is £7.99 where as Coral Dentelle is £19.80.

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