Thursday, 3 May 2012

MAC Lightscapade - swatches.. kinda

I've been lusting after Lightscapade for months, since I saw it being re-released with their new Reel Sexy collection.
When I saw they'd gone up on the MAC website early, the collections are usually released on the first Thursday of the month but it was up on Monday afternoon, I ordered it right away (along with the Rebel nail varnish, how am I to resist a purple?... plus it gave me free delivery.)

Anyway, onto the swatches.

MAC Lightscapade on my arm... really its there, honest.

Lightscapade heavily applied.. and I mean heavily. 
You can see some shimmer right?

As it turns out Lightscapade is basically a sheer, shimmery foundation on my skin.
I'd like to say this now, I have never found a highlight that was an exact skin tone match for me. I'm pale as hell and every highlight looks like its basically either like a bronzer or pure white with some glitter on me.
The first picture is my attempt at packing on the product with my usual blush brush (Sigma F84) the second is my attempt at making it show up with my fingers, i figured i'd pick up more product like that... turns out it makes very little difference.
Such a shame, I can see this looking pretty on anyone (and actually showing up on anyone) with darker than NC/NW15 skin. I can barely wear MAC foundations or concealers and that's in the middle of summer or after at least a week of sunny weather. Though I do love the coverage of my NW15 ProLongwear concealer, though if its not been sunny I have to make sure I wear at least a medium coverage foundation over it to cover the darkness.

I have basically brought a fairly expensive product I can think of no use for, I can't even apply it and get a slight glow like I thought I might. I had to layer it up to make any sort of difference. I just ended up looking like Edward Cullen, beyond pale and glittery. 

And its not even like I try to keep my skin this pale, I know its naughty of me but I've not used sunscreen for over 2 years. This is me with a tan.
Damn you paleness!

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  1. i love revlon lipbutters so much x