Friday, 4 May 2012

OCC liptars - review and swatches

OCC are a brand I've been lusting after for ages, I finally gave in last week and picked up a few.
I decided to buy Grandma and Harlot from as they had the old style packaged ones for £6.50 so I got harlot in the old and Grandma in the new, they didn't have Grandma in the old and I wanted it so much.
Then I was super impressed and it arrived within 48 hours, they ship all their orders recorded so you do have to sign for them, so I made another order this time of Butch and  Melange (as well as a cheeky Sugarpill shadow). Again posted the next day and arrived the day after, colour me impressed at the speedy shipping.

Anyway, shipping and order ramble over. On to the swatches.

Left to right; Butch,  Melange, Harlot, Grandma.

Butch is a blue with grey and purple undertones.
Melange is a brown with a hint of red.
Harlot is basically a bright red, sort of vintage red.
Grandma is my favorite, I love it, its a red with a little orange.

Their really long lasting, with matt finishes and I don't find them drying though I know some people do.
And for anyone who doesn't know much about these, these are meant to be mixed to create different colours (I don't think I'd wander around just wearing Butch).

Though whenever I try to mix any combination of these I basically just get various shades of purple.

For example this brown-purple mix of 1/4 harlot, 1/4 butch and half Melange.

Close up of Harlot.
If you over apply them they do feather and bleed, they did this on my hand as well so I decided to take a picture of that as well.

Old packaging, Butch.

I can see why they changed the packaging. This is what I was greeted with when I went to use Butch a second time. Even a tiny squeeze, even while the lids on, makes a mess and loads of product comes out.
I forgot to photograph the new packaging but its similar to the newer Urban decay Primer Potion packaging, thin nose sort of thing.

Writing this has made me want to order more and try to actually make different colours. I would have actually ordered more already but I'm going to Brighton on Sunday and want to keep as much of my bank balance intact because I know i'll probably have no money after I get hyper in Brighton. I plan to be good, and have enough for a few more liptars (and a few Sugarpill bits) afterwards.

On a non-makeup note;
So having swapped back to the old Blogger layout, I can actually make my way around the site with out being confused and annoyed. I don't like the scroll-y thing of the new one, I slightly like the post writing page but the rest was bothering me so much. I was trying to navigate it and came across an option to swap back, I was very happy.

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