Wednesday, 12 June 2013

LOTD - Chanel

Today my lipstick of choice is a colour I overlook a lot, it's pretty but it doesn't really stand out colour wise.

Meet the lovely Chanel Rouge Allure in 07 Genius.

Chanel 07 Genius

I might be wrong but I think the range of shades this is part of has been discontinued, I've had it nearly a year.

It's almost my go to ego boost when I need it. I wore it the first time I took my driving theory test and when I retook my English GCSE (I failed that driving test but got a C in my English which means I don't have to study it again).

I'm surely not the only person who has a confidence lipcolour/ For most people I'd guess it's more of a bold red or purple. If everyones looking at your lipstick then no ones noticing your nearly having a panic attack, right?

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