Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rome - travel planning (rambling and word heavy)

In Just over a month I will be headed to Italy, with my dearest mother, for a holiday with sun and beautiful places.

(The Trevi fountain, Rome)

This trip has been planned since early December so I've had plenty of time to practice packing, decide what clothing I'm going to bring and debate what makeup try to fit into my suitcase and hand luggage.
It will be the first time I've left England in nearly five years and since I'm planning to study travel and tourism in September it's probably about time I actually traveled. 
We're taking a tour that visits Pompei, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius, Montecassino, Rome, Florence, Assisi and Orvieto so around the west of Italy.

(Florence skyline)

Having purchased an Italian phrasebook and guide books to Florence and Rome (the cities we have exploring time in) the minute we booked plus EHIC cards and passports ready to go, I've got the basics done and all I've had to do is worry over which eyeshadow(s) to take as well as if I'll wear jeans while I'm there or stick to dresses. The little things have been getting to me. For example I've been desperately searching for a reasonably priced pair of nice looking ankle boots with a low heel (they all seem to be either awful or  around £80).
I've already brought my trasparent SPF30, half a dozen dresses, a reading book and anti-bac wipes for surfaces and hands (among other purchases).

I've been debating shelling out for a new camera but stories of pickpockets have been putting me off and i'm worried about losing a shiny new Samsung NX300 somewhere I can't find it but I know I want one and it seems pointless waiting until after I'm where I'll get the best pictures. I do however have a digital Polaroid and 100 film sheets i've yet to use, Polaroids of Pompeii could be fun... I've had a lot of time to think about this yet I'm no nearer to deciding.

(My old MAC quad, Interior life)

Having mentioned eyeshadow, I'm planning to buy a MAC quad with a new Patina to christen it and then move in three of my current MAC eyeshadows to avoid carrying around a 15 palette or a pigment to spill. This might seem excessive for once trip but I plan to travel quite a bit so no doubt I'll use it a lot. I barely used my Interior life quad, having picked it up on a whim from an outlet, so I've sold it on ebay (along with two blushes) and can justify filling the gap in my collection. Who pays £20 for a used blush worth £21.50 new is beyond me but it works out well for me so I won't complain.

This post has become rather rambling so I'll bring it to a rather poorly paced end with a question; What are your travel tips?

Simply Italy - Amalfi Coast
(Amalfi coast, Italy)

All images taken from Google, apart from my MAC Quad.

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