Wednesday, 14 March 2012

MAC - Mineralize skinfinish Swatches

I own three MAC mineralize skinfinishes (well four but the others a natural one). Their fairly standard colours that most people seem to have. 

Top to bottom; Petticoat, Blonde and Soft and gentle.
In bright natural light 

Duller natural light

Petticoat is hard to describe. All i can think of is a plum-copper colour with a golden shine. Its lovely though. 
Blonde looks really natural on me, its nice golden pink colour.
Soft and gentle i've only ever used one or twice because its just far too bronzer-ish for my pale skin. I'd use it as a contour but its got too much shimmer for that.

One thing with Mineralize skinfinishes (the non-natural ones) is that their vained which means there is some variety in the colour.

Rose-copper veining in Petticoat
(taken in rather bad energy saving light bub light).

These are really lovely colours, they make nice blushes (or bronzers or highlighters depending on the colour).
Nicely pigmented, soft and long lasting.

With blushes i like them to be soft and with medium pigmentation. Its not easy easy to be light handed so i'd rather need two swipes than do one and look like a clown. 

 I love these and plan to get more. I'm really wanting to find MAC Stero rose, it looks lovely.

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