Wednesday, 14 March 2012

MAC - Tilt eyeshadow

I love blue eyeshadows, sadly i also love it when my eyes look grey and blue eyeshadow makes them look green.

MAC's Tilt looks so unique.
In the pan it looks like a gunmetal colour with a hint of navy, when swatched it looks like a navy-lavender and where ever it catches the light it goes green. I really tried to get it to show in the photos but i'm not sure it went well.

Tilt in natural light (dry, no primer)

Tilt with a flash (dry, no primer)

Its a lovely frost finish :)

MAC and Urban Decay make the best eyeshadows, as lovely as Sleek palettes are they just don't compare.

RRP - £12 or £10 pro pan.
I brought mine for £6.50 (+£1 shipping) from

If you've not heard of buyapowa then head over and check them out.
They've so many amazing products on their coming soon list, from MAC blushes to handbags, Volkswagen Polo's and Samsung laptops.
I'm in no way affiliated with them, i'm just obsessed by the savings they have.

I've got a few more MAC swatches coming up, since their amazing :)

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