Sunday, 11 March 2012

Topshop cream blushes

Top to bottom; Flush, Neon rose and Head over heels

Flush is hot pink sort of colour and probably the most tricky to wear unless its applied very lightly and carefully.
Neon rose is a lovely coral colour, its a very 'all skin tone' colour. I'm really pale and this suits me perfectly, i can see this suiting every one.
Head over heels is orange-coral and my favorite of these, it looks so natural on me.

Left to right; Head over heels, Neon Rose and Flush.

I love these blushes.
Their cream to power so you don't get the glow that usually comes with cream blushes. Their not drying, as some powers can be. They have a matt/satin finish with no glitter, great for people who dislike the glitterball effect.

I recently developed a blush obsession, loads of swatches coming soon

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  1. I recently developed the same obsession! Can't stop buying blushers recently. The Daniel Sandler liquid one is my new fave. I don't own any Topshop blushes though and would love to, these cream ones look amazing.

    Emma xo