Friday, 22 March 2013

MAC Bloodline pigment

I spent months looking for this pigment, it was a limited edition that came out with a collection a while ago (Felines something or other).

MAC Bloodline pigment
MAC bloodline pigment left-wet right-dry, no bases.

I don't think the swatches above do it justice, despite my best efforts the purple edge this has to it just won't show up, that being said the swatches still look pretty good. It looks great wet (just run your eyeshadow brush under the cold tap and gently place it into the pigment).
As much as I've been loving pigments recently this has been the trickiest MAC pigment to try and wear really it's too dark and matte to wear as a mono eyshadow, so I've been using it wet as an eyeliner.
I've get to brave a pigment dark smokey eye but I'm planning to do so soon so I should hopefully have a EOTD post on this soon.

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