Saturday, 16 March 2013

MAC Pro palette #1 'Naturals'

I have two MAC pro palettes, I've collected the colours one or two at a time over the last 2 or so years and for that time they're really the only eyeshadows I've brought and most of them have been purchased at Estee Lauder outlets rather than in MAC stores/counters. I know some people are fanatical about use by dates and usage lengths and they might say an eyeshadow only has a life of 2 years but frankly my face is always clean before I apply makeup and only really I use my makeup so they don't bother me much. 
Anyway on to the pretties.

1st row;  Shroom, Brule, Omega, Copperplate and Scene
2nd row; Night manoveres LE, Espresso, Satin Taupe, Shale, Trax
3rd row; Surf baby LE, Silverthorne (LE I think), Knightdivine, Jest, Carbon

Left to right; Shroom - Basically NC10 with shimmer, Brule - Matte NC10
Omaga - Matte mid brown, Copperplate - Matte brown-grey, Scene - Matte grey

Left to right; Night Manoveres - Matte dark brown, Espresso - does what it says,
Satin taupe - Shimmery mid-dark brown with slight red undertone, Shale - Shimmer grey with lilac,
Trax - Purple/red with copper glitter

Left to right; Surf baby - Perfect grey with slight shimmer, Silverthorne - Silver shimmer with blue and gold tones, Knightdivine - Grey/gunmetal shimmer, Jest - Apricot shimmer, Carbon - Matte black

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