Sunday, 17 March 2013

My 30 empties project

Readers meet my rubbish, rubbish meet the readers.

Since January first I've been attempting on a spending ban. Taking cue from the 100 day challenge going around I, being a typical makeup addict, asked myself how I could get the same satisfaction but quicker which lead to to ask 'How many items could I finish in that time?'. A project 10 pan lasts about three weeks but a few of those in a row would take longer to do, I decided on 30.
Pictured above are the finished items with packaging I could keep hold of (I get quite a few uses out of a Lush bubble bar but it doesn't have lasting packing so I counted them anyway, along with groups of single use sachets). These took me 70 days to finish.

Hair items, left to right;
Tresemme Remoisturise conditioner - nice enough and good value, it's a 900ml bottle so lasts ages. Repurchase, maybe.
The body shop Rainforest Moisture shampoo - silicon, sulphate, colourant and parabenfree, the sulphate free part means it doesn't lather well and I ended up getting through this very quickly. Repurchase, no
Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo, conditioner and hair mask - the conditioner and hair mask are great but the shampoo is very drying. Repurchase, shampoo no conditioner or mask maybe.
VO5 heat protect spray - works okay and doesn't leave hair greasy but the smell is too musky for my liking. Repurchase, no.

Body and face care, left to right;
Sure Aqua Clear anti-perspirant - not a fan of this, used it for the sake of it. Repurchase, no.
The body shop Chocomaina scurb - this is a sugar scrub so its best to use it on damp skin but keep it away from other water, it leaves an oil on the skin which can take a while to absorb but it leaves skin very soft.
The body shop peach fuzz shower gel - nice smell and lasts forever. Repurchase, yes.
Cutex Nourishing nail varnish remover - removes varnish nicely... not much else to say. Repurchase, yes.
Soap and glory The righteous butter - nice enough but a bit greasy for my taste, i'd try the daily smooth instead. Repurchase, no.
Yes to Carrots Exfoliating facial cleanser - great for dry and combination skin, adds nourishment to dry patches without making oily areas worse. Repurchase, definitely.
Yes to Carrots Moisurizing day cream - too heavy for the face, I ended up using it on my elbows.
Botanics Rehydrating body butter - nice enough, absorbs fairly quickly. Repurchase, maybe as a body butter.
Botanics Reviving body wash - quite nice, the smell isn't over powering and it leaves skin feeling clean. Repurchase, maybe.
Botanics Revealing body polish - didn't like this, it's a bit stringy (for lack of a better word). Repurchase, no.
The body shop Wild rose hand cream - smells nice but is a little greasy. Repurchase, no.
Johnson's baby wipes x 2 - I love these, especially the all skin type ones. Repurchase, yes.

Makeup and nails, left to right;
Models own Purple blue - opaque in two coats, not very blue. Repurchase, maybe.
GOSH Gypsy blue - Opaque in two coats but goes off very quickly. Repurchase, maybe.
China Glaze CG in the city - I love this glitter in a clear base, it's opaque in two coats, but I got through it so quickly. Repurchase, yes.
OPI Dulce de Leche - A nice pink toned nude that's opaque in one or two coats. Repurchase, maybe.
Bad Gal Lash - One of my favorite mascaras, very black and great with sensitive eyes but doesn't really lengthen. Repurchase, yes.
Urban Decay Perversion - a great pure black eye pencil, once it sets it doesn't budge, I love it. Repurchase, definitely.

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