Saturday, 14 April 2012

Latest MAC Skinfinish purchases

I think i've developed a new love, MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes. Their just so lovely.
Sadly because Skinfinishes are limited edition its quite an expensive love, plus their MAC so bound to be a bit pricey.
In the last week or so i've brought two more (Ebay of course) and I really like them.

Top - Light Flush
Bottom - Pink Porcelain 

Close up of Pink Porcelain
(Its so pretty.)

Light flush is a colour I can actually use as a bronzer, its shimmery but its not too muddy.

Pink Porcelain is light enough for me to actually use a highlight, I'm amazed by this because i've yet to find a blush light enough for a highlight they've had to be very very sheer to look okay and light enough on me.

I can't wait for Lightscapade next month. I plan to go get one first thing on the day its released.
I'd order it online from them but i've ordered twice from MAC and they've lost my order between packaging and Yodel both times. Since its limited edition i'm not willing to risk them not having spare to send me when its a week late and I ring to chase it (Luckily my other two orders were still in stock).

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  1. I have one of these and love it too, can't remember the name but it's my fave highlight! xo