Thursday, 5 April 2012

Matte black eyeshadows

As someone who loves dramatic smokey grey eyeshadow I rarely venture into other colours, sometimes taupe shades and occasionally black which brings me to this post.

So many eyeshadow palettes come with matte black shades, I own six palettes (two sleek and four Urban Decay) though i usually prefer single shadows because i can choose my colours - hello new pick your own shades Urban decay palettes.
Out of these six, four have matte blacks and one has a black with a little glitter and the only one that doesn't is the original Naked palette.

Left to right - MAC Carbon, Sleek Noir (Storm palette),
Urban Decay Black Dog (The black palette) and Urban Decay Blackout (Naked2)

I've only once brought a matte black on purpose and thats MAC Carbon, looking at the swatches you can see its a matte black but its not overly pigmented which means you can build up the colour and not worry about looking too much like a panda.

Sleek seems to have a black in so many of their palettes this ones got a more satin like finish than the others (with a hint of grey). I have two of theirs (Storm and Bad Girl) but the pigmentation is nice so I plan to pick up a few more. If your after a highly pigmented black then its cheaper to buy one of their palettes just for the black then one MAC shadow, infact the palettes are very reasonably priced.

I know including two Urban Decay ones doesn't make a great deal of sense but they've different names so theres clearly meant to be some difference. Black dog has a very very slight hint of grey where as Blackout is more of a true black and is much softer.

I like dark grey matte shadows, but i love greys in general but rarely use my blacks.

My main reason of this post was wondering if anyone actually uses matte black shadow, any one?

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I've only just found your blog but I love what I've seen already! I'm always on the hunt for a good matte black, I tend to settle for shimmery blacks because it's near impossible to find a matte on the high street, but thanks to your recommendation I'll be buying a Sleek palette! You officially have a new follower :D x