Thursday, 5 April 2012

MAC Petticoat vs NYC Chroma Moonstone

MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are sought after and limited edition ones can sell for three times their RRP.

Petticoat is a lovely vained colour in the pan and on the skin its a lovely plum-copper colour with a golden shine but its such a difficult colour to wear I think any one with skin lighter than a MAC NC/NW40 would struggle to wear it, I never stood a chance with my NC15 skintone but I was hopeful so picked it up from a blogsale... I was right, it doesn't suit me, but I don't regret buying it.

So after seeing posts and swatches online comparing the discontinued NYC Chroma faceglow in Moonstone I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Left - MAC Petticoat
Right - NYC Moonstone

Top - NYC Moonstone
Bottom - MAC Petticoat

You can see their similar, the main difference is the lack of copper in it as well the less lower pigmentation which is this case I don't think is a bad thing. 

If I apply Petticoat in an incrediably sheer way I can make it look decent on me but this is tricky and i've only managed to be this light handed twice, most of the time i just end up looking like i've been smacked in the face and bruised slightly metallic.
With Moonstone I can get the look of Sheer Petticoat with out the difficulty.
Really their both lovey, Moonstones great for lighter skin and Petticoat for darker.
Petticoat was Limited edition and Moonstone is discontinued but you can find both online (I got mine Moonstone from Ebay), Petticoat for around £30 and Moonstone for £2.20- £4.50 - making moonstone much cheaper.


  1. They both look lovely shades, but I don't think they'd suit me either!
    It amazing how similar different brand's products can be, just with different prices! Lovely review :)

  2. They both look really nice. x