Thursday, 26 April 2012

MAC pigments - my little collection

I don't have many pigments, or loose powders in general, because their fiddly to apply.
I know swatches can be useful, google image search is a godsend when it comes to buying makeup online, so I figure I'll post the few I do own.

Left to right - Teal, Circa Plum, Bloodline.

Left to right (wet, dry heavy, dry light) - Bloodline, Circa Plum and Teal.

Bloodline - Matt black base with a very light hint of purple, red and bronze shimmer to it, I was hoping it was going to be more bronze-red as a base colour so I was slightly disappointed with it.
Circa Plum - A really nice shimmery plum with a hint of silver and bronze. It looks far more of a bright purple when its used wet.
Teal - More green than teal, metallic and some shimmer the same colour as the metallic base.

I've got loads more swatch posts lined up, four to be exact, I'm about to schedule them for the next four days so quite a few posts in a short space of time.

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